A special guest post from my Dad

I know, we’ve already had the grand finale, but due to a small technical hitch dad’s contribution didn’t arrive.  The poor bloke has been sitting waiting for his post to be published and only realised it hadn’t arrived when the grand finale was published and he wasn’t.  

With a wife and four daughters he very rarely get’s the final word so just this once, we’ll let him have the final say…

The one thing that life does not prepare us for is the devastating attack of illness on our children. What it does prepare us for is to be there when required for our children. The last 12 months have been a real test of this, and shown that we can:

  • Overcome our own anxieties and provide support when needed
  • Put aside our own needs to be there for others
  • Cope with the ups and downs of life with cancer in our children
  • Think through ways of overcoming anything taken away

Katrina, you have provided us with an opportunity to experience your battle with cancer.  From that there have been many times when I have been inspired by your courage, your strength and your downright stubbornness. Through those attributes you have moved on in life after the battle.  You have not only taught us the way to go but also been an inspiration to many others throughout Australia and New Zealand, and ‘m sure in other countries too.

Many people have been touched by you during this year and they have rallied around to offer whatever help and assistance they can, from looking after KP after school, to taking you for your treatment, to providing meals for you all, and just being there to listen over a cuppa.  Your bunch of friends has been truly amazing and I’m sure you have reaped what you have sown earlier when you did the same thing for others. I want to thank all those friends who helped you for a great job well done.

Another positive I have found is the way you have provided the support to Alex – a fellow laryngectomee who is now sadly very ill.  But you were there for him and his wife, to take him to treatment, and be his friend when he needed someone.  What an amazing act of courage that was. I applaud you for that.

To everyone else I want to say that Katrina has always been a chatterbox, since she was around a year old,  and I can’t see that changing very much now – it will just be quieter. Let’s love her to bits for her love, her life and her future – A truly amazing daughter who has defied the odds and reached her one year cancerversary.  I’m certain there will be more.  Katrina you are still one of my 4 favourite daughters and always will be.

Love you lots.


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